The Introduction - What is this and why?

Many moons ago, I promised Atom that I would start this blog. So now I am. And in the only way I know how, I am going to go for it. So let me tell you what we're going to talk about here...

My two passions in life (aside from podcasting, but you know this) are technology and coffee. And thankfully, those two things have made up a large part of my career choices. I won't go in depth as to where i've worked, but you can figure that shit out if you listen to the show. But how in the world, you may be asking, can I devote an entire blog to those two topics? Well sit back my lovlies and I will tell you. 

Now with tech, that can be pretty easy. Technology is ever changing and evolving. In addition, I absolutely LOOOOOVE old tech, so I'll be talking about and reviewing tech both new and old. From the NES onward, I love them all. But not Microsoft, only good thing they ever made was the xBox, and even thats just OK. Fuck you, ITS MY OPINION AND I WILL EXPRESS IT AND YOU WILL ACCEPT IT!!!!


For most people, coffee is that stuff you drink in the morning that makes the *stand up and do shit.exe* happen. You can get Folgers, or starbucks and just be done with it. But for me its kind of a way of life. I'm a coffee purchaser, meaning I know what the difference between an Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffee really is. For most, that really just makes me a coffee snob. Either way, I know my shit, and I love it. So for this part of the blog, I'll talk about what's in season, what's new and exciting, and really what I just like at the moment. Who knows, you may love what I tell you about. Or not.........

And so onward we go. I'll be updating the blog at least once a week. Enjoy my caffeinated chronies!