The Macbook - Then VS Now

Macbook. You know them, you love them, they are so pretty and sexual. Pro, air, whatever. Since it's inception, its been a definitive item in Apple's arsenal. So so history, and then my thoughts on the New Macbook, versus the Old Macbook. 

Now I'm not talking about the Pro's or the Airs in this little post. They are, at least to me, completely separate groups of machines when you break it down. 

Apple introduced the MacBook and the MacBook Pro in 2006, replacing the iBook and PowerBook lines they'd had for years. Both computers maintained the basic form factor of their predecessors, but jumped ship on Apple's proprietary PPC Processors. Here were shiny new computers using the nearly universal Intel Core, allowing for all sorts of new options with the OS and graphics and even games (if you were brave enough to dual boot in those days). It was cool and exciting for Mac laptops. The base model Macbook was awesome for the average home user, or the student. The price was still steep, but you got that back in longevity and dependability. 

Fast forward 4 years. The Macbook went through 3 incarnations in that time, and then out of no where, Apple killed it. The last Macbook on the market was the 2010 White Unibody Macbook with 2.4ghz processor. They left the student and home computer market to the base model Macbook Pro (which was similarly speced, tho $200 more) and the new Macbook Airs. 

Now I was never super jazzed about the Macbook Air, to be honest. Its cool looking, but frankly, it just falls short of what I really want it to do. And external storage is a pain in the dick, so lets move on....

Now just this year, Apple decided it was time to bring back the Macbook line. 3 new colors, sexier slim form factor, and only one port......... Wait WHAT?

OK, so I will admit, at first, I was star struck by these new little machines. The internals are nice, and its beautiful to look at. I played with one at my local Apple store, and its incredibly zippy, very responsive, and the new "force click" feature works just as described. But for all that, I really just don't like them that much. What Apple did with this new laptop, is try what they did with the MacBook Air, which is compete in a market they haven't been in before. With the Air, they were competing for space against the Netbook's of the time. But it seems to me what apple is trying to compete with is products like the Surface Pro, or assorted Dell tablets that are half laptop half tablet hybrids. The problem is, they are already in this market, with the iPad. So they're competing with themselves as well. 

As it stands though, my heart still belongs to the unibody White MacBooks. I know it sounds stupid, especially with so many advances since then, but hear me out. In the same way the MacBook pro transitioned to the unibody design, the white unibody MacBook's were a game changer. Not before or since, has anyone really been able to replicate the design "wow" factor of those devices. They were really beautiful computers. Its the same reason why I still prefer the traditional MacBook Pro over the Retina display ones. In all honesty, I feel like I'm going to break the retina and airs. My brain knows they are solid computers, but I feel like I'm holding delicate assed crystal when using them. The rational part of my brain knows that plastic scratches, breaks and warps WAY more easily than the ALOOMINIUM of the current ones, but the heft and weight of previous models makes them seem safer and more solid to me. 

At the end of the day, the new Macbook is a great little computer, with some cool features and some weird drawbacks (Seriously, that USB-C thing is just friggin bizarre). If you love it, get it. Its a Mac, and just like most of the Mac line, it will last you a good long time. But for this little technophile, someone find me a good price on a white Unibody. Momma wants somethin to tinker with :P